I Win, You Win, We All Win!

We did it! Your votes solidified my place in the VoiceBoks Top 10 Hilariously Funny Blogs of 2014! It’s awesome to be in this group with some blogger friends and role models.

Also awesome is the little biographical dump they took on me. Enjoy:

“We truly can’t get enough of the hillbilly, blunt, attitude that goes on at the Mom in Black blog. She says it like it is and doesn’t hold too much back. She’s the “mom in black” because she loves wearing black for the many reasons some of us would – to cover up some pretty obvious stains.”

So, in summary, I am a dirty hillbilly. But, at least I’m a hilariously funny hillbilly.

Thank you, all, for voting and reading. You saved me from a year of mourning and chip-bingeing. Instead, it will be a year of laughing and chip-bingeing (don’t act like you didn’t know about my chip problem).

Whoever buys me this shirt will get a star on the Mom in Black page of fame. (zazzle.com)
Whoever buys me this shirt will get a star on the Mom in Black page of fame.

Also, I really need you to let your mouse wander over top of this little lady. February ate my stats and I’m waist deep in the mire of page two somewhere.

PS: If I didn’t just earn your vote by the media adding hell I just went through to get his freaking icon here, I guess I never will. Every time I went to add the picture/link, WordPress/ButtFace logged me out and it was this horrible song and dance for a good 30 minutes. So, please click it lest my work/pain be in vain. I EARNED YOUR VOTE.


Author: stephmessa

Writing, thinking, feeling.

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